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6 Myths About Coffee Debunked

July 04, 2018 0 Comments

6 Myths About Coffee Debunked

Sometimes it feels like everything is out to get you, but your coffee doesn't have to be one of them! Hearing about negative effects about the products you use and the food you consume can leave you with an underlying guilt and have you wondering "why am I even doing this to myself?" At Century Coffee Club, we spend a lot of our time researching the effects of coffee on our bodies and our ecosystem. Recently, we came out with the blog article "Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Daily" that gives us a couple of the benefits to our well being to set that guilt at ease. Today we want to bring you some of the common misconceptions about coffee that you need to stop believing immediately! 


1. Coffee causes insomnia

Although coffee is indeed a stimulant, your afternoon coffee is filtered through the bodies liver fairly quickly! A cup of coffee is flushed out of your system with 3-6 hours. So don't worry about your post lunch cup if you're worried about going to bed at night! 


2. Coffee dehydrates you

Coffee itself does have dehydrating effects, but take a look at your cup of coffee. Notice that it's mostly water? The water inside your cup will counter the dehydrating effects of the actual coffee, however we're not claiming that it will in fact hydrate you! It's still important to keep your body functioning with your hourly glass of water. 


3. Coffee will cure your hangover

Sorry party people! Coffee will help with some of the symptoms by making you more alert and a little less groggy but the boozing will be sure to catch up with you! 


4. Coffee will help you lose weight

This one is SLIGHTLY true. The effects of caffeine will in fact increase your metabolism, however not enough to actually make an impact compared to the food you consume and the exercise you do. 


5. Coffee stunts your growth

This is one of the oldest coffee myths. It is unclear how it was originally started, however there is no evidence to support that drinking coffee at a young age stunted your growth, you're just short! 


6. A darker roast is a stronger coffee

This one surprises a lot of people, when in fact it's the opposite! Roasting the coffee actually burns the caffeine at a higher rate. So a lighter roast might have more caffeine than a darker roast. It all comes down to taste! 


Now that you know the truth, pick up your favourite roast of Century Coffee Club Nespresso compatible coffee pods and enjoy! Don't forget that subscribing to have you're coffee delivered to your door monthly not only eliminates the need to pick it up on your next trip to the grocery store, but you can also save 20%!