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Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Daily

May 30, 2018 0 Comments

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Daily


Although often a controversial subject, studies suggest that drinking a cup of coffee every day gives you and your body more than that morning boost. Obviously, there are many factors that can affect whether your coffee habits are actually good or bad for you, such as quality of coffee (Century Coffee Club only uses the highest quality organic coffee beans) and how much you drink. Advocates have gone back and forth, however the general consensus seems to be that moderation is key and that two to three eight-ounce cups throughout the day is considered a moderate amount. Grab a cup of Century Coffee Club Nespresso coffee and keep reading these health benefits of drinking coffee daily.


  1. Coffee is abundant in antioxidants

  2. Caffeine helps with a short-term memory boost.

  3. Coffee helps with cognitive declination diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease

  4. Coffee drinkers have a 20% lower risk of heart disease than people who don’t drink coffee

  5. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing diabetes

  6. Drinking coffee has been linked to lowering the risk of liver diseases such as liver cancer and cirrhosis.

  7. Coffee helps battle fatigue (I think we all knew this one!)


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