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Raspberry Iced Coffee

June 22, 2018 0 Comments

Raspberry Iced Coffee

If you're looking for the perfect summer afternoon pick me up, this is the recipe for you! Something about this recipe screamed "try me" so we did, using our amazing Main St. Medium Century Coffee Club capsules.





  1. Brew your capsules of Century Coffee Club Main St. Medium and set aside to cool.
  2. Add raspberries and agave into a bowl and mash them with a fork. 
  3. Combine a handful of ice, raspberry mix and the brewed coffee into a shaker and stir until chilled.
  4. Fill a glass with ice and pour the milk into the bottom, reserving the froth. 
  5. Pour the coffee mixture into the glass.
  6. Top the glass with the froth and sprinkle over the cacao nibs.
  7. Enjoy!


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