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Take Your Iced Coffee Game To The Next Level

August 15, 2018 0 Comments

Take Your Iced Coffee Game To The Next Level

Imagine this

It's a hot summer morning and you've just gotten ready for your commute to work. You've just made yourself that iced coffee you've been craving all morning and are heading out the door. You take your first sips as a slight smile starts curling on your face and for a second, you know that everything today will go as planned. Half way through your commute, you take another sip. The drink makes its way up the straw and fills your mouth with... a watered down, tasteless, coffee alternate that was definitely not the awesome iced coffee you made 20 minutes ago. The ice melted and your drink might as well be sewage. You're not alone.

I'll let you in on a little well known secret; Ice melts when it gets hot. Shocker, right?

Next time, be prepared! Brew a couple cups of our Lions Gate Light Nespresso compatible pods the night before, pour it over an ice tray and let it freeze over night so that your next few ice coffees don't have that problem! Although the ice will still melt, it will be full flavoured at every sip! 

Take it to the next level by mixing some milk and sugar (or flavoured syrup) into the coffee you are making into your ice cubes so that all you have to do is brew your cup, add your flavour cubes and you're out the door!